From the dawn of humankind, streamers from every faction have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors are known for their bravery, strength and vast knowledge of weapons and armor.

Warriors have a wide range of abilities that increase their already formidable defenses or their deadliness and savagery in combat. Depending on their specialization, a warrior can withstand large amounts of damage or inflict lethal damage

The various different warrior character models in the game.

Ultimate Skills

Icons Name Description
Empowering Strike Ultimate: An empowered strike deals (250% of attack) damage against a random enemy and heals yourself for 180% of the damage.
Skull Crush Ultimate: Smashing the heads of the enemy back-line together causes (75% of attack) damage and has a 20% chance to stun each back-line enemy for 2 rounds.
2 (1).png
Fearless Strike Ultimate: Fearlessly leap towards the enemy with the lowest health to strike him with (150% of attack) damage. If the enemy is a Rogue, you deal 80% extra damage.
Rush Ultimate: Rush towards the enemy with the lowest health to deal (180% of attack) damage.
Shield Smash Ultimate : Deals (120% of attack) damage against front-line enemies and steal 20% of their armor for 2 rounds.
Shield Block Ultimate: Using your shield to deflect, the enemy attacks deals (80% of attack) damage against the back-line, healing yourself for 80% of the damage.


Icon Name Description
Hard Skin Auto-skill: Each attack hardens your skin, granting 10% armor break and 10% armor. 
Bleed Auto-skill: Your attacks have a 50% chance to bleed the enemy, dealing (50% of attack) damage each round for 2 rounds.
Rallying Cry Auto-skill: When your health is below 50%, your rallying cry increases your armor by 35% for 3 rounds.
Set Formation Auto-skill: Depending on your formation, you gain 20% attack in the back-line or 40% health in the front-line.
Deathwish Auto-skill: When you are near death (below 30% health) your attack increases by 60% for 3 rounds.
Shield Barrier Auto-skill: Increases your defense by gaining 15% health and 30% armor.
Blood Armor Auto-skill: When you are covered in blood (below 30% health) your armor increases by 60% for 3 rounds. 
67 (1).png
Healing Crush Auto-skill: Your attacks heal you for 20% of your attack.
Counterstance Auto-skill: When attacking a Warrior in battle, you deal 80% more damage.
Fury Auto-skill: In battle you gain 25% health and 20% attack.
Armor Steal Auto-skill: When attacking you steal 15% of the enemy's armor.
75 (1).png
Fire Clap Auto-skill: Your attacks deal 60% additional damage against burning foes.
Warrior's Heart Auto-skill: You have the heart of a Warrior, increasing your health by 40%.
Battle Roar Auto-skill: A powerful battlecry that grants you extra 20% health, 15% attack and 20% armor.
57 (1).png
Terror Auto-skill: Your attacks strike terror into your foes, giving you a 30% chance to silence them for 2 rounds.
Defensive Stance Auto-skill: A defensive stance that increases your armor by 20% and attack by 10%.
Cheat Death Auto-skill: You have the ability to cheat death, causing you to revive after you die with 60% health.
Blood Shield Auto-skill: When you are attacked, you have a 50% chance that your blood shield restores 25% of your attack as health.
Counterattack Auto-skill: When you are attacked, you have a 30% chance to strike back immediately, dealing (70% of attack) damage.
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