TriHard pets have a variety of unique passive abilities which reduce the Gem cost for different actions inside the game, as well as other abilities which reduce the Crypton cost to export streamers and pets to the Blockchain.

Trihard pet examples.png

Auto-Skill Abilities

Icon Name Description
Rugged Defense Auto-Skill: Your defense is solid as stone increasing your armor by 40%.
Fortified Armor Auto-Skill: Fortifies your armor, reducing the effects of armor break by 30%.
Wound Suppression Auto-Skill: You suppress your wounds, reducing the damage from bleeds by 60%.
Paralyze Auto-Skill: Attacks have a 20% chance to petrify the target for 1 round.
Bloodshed Auto-Skill: Attacks grant 10% armor break and make targets bleed, dealing (25% of attack) damage for 4 rounds.
Blood Armor Auto-Skill: When you are covered in blood (below 30% health) your armor increases by 60% for 3 rounds.
88 (1).png
Holy Armor Auto-Skill: Grants all allies holy armor when they fall below 50% health, increasing their armor by 25% for 2 rounds.

Passive Abilities

Icon Name Description
Battle Strategist Passive: Being a battle strategist reduces the cost to swap abilities by 1%.
Advanced Tactics Passive: As a seasoned war veteran all your battles cost 1% less Gems.
Shapeshift Master Passive: Knowing you way around shapeshifting reduces the cost of swapping faces by 1%.
Skin Collector Passive: Being a collector of skins increases skin buffs by 1%.
Pledge of Loyalty Passive: You pledge your loyalty and are rewarded with reduced cost of swapping talents in the Loyalty Tree by 1%.
Borrowed Time Passive: You live on borrowed time, reducing the cost of renting streamers by 1%.
Pet Attraction Passive: Attracts pets and reduces the cost of renting them by 1%.
Pet Exporter Passive: Being a pet exporter reduces the cost of exporting pets to the blockchain by 1%.
Hero Trader Passive: Being a hero trader reduces the cost of exporting streamers to the blockchain by 1%.
Lucky Break Passive: You've caught a lucky break that increases your overall luck by 1%.
Prince Charming Passive: Become more charming, reducing the gem cost to attract pets by 1%.
Luck Struck Passive: You struck it lucky, increasing your overall luck by 1%.
Booster Bargain Passive: Allows you to bargain for Boosts, lowering the cost of all boosts by 1%.
Egg Tracker Passive: You know where to find the most eggs, increasing the drop chance of eggs by 1%.
Head Start Passive: Grants a head start in Match-3 games by increasing the chance to start a Match-3 game with power-ups by 1%.
Hatching with Love Passive: Increases your chance to hatch pets of higher rarity by 1%.
Pet Trainer Passive: As a skilled pet trainer, the cost to buy & swap pet ability sets is reduced by 1%.
Egg Powerleveler Passive: Allows you to increase your overall chance to get higher level pets by 1%.
Egg Incubator Passive: Using an egg incubator your chance to collect pets instantly after hatching eggs is increased by 1%.
Match-3 Bargain Passive: Allows you to bargain for Match-3, reducing the cost of your moves in Match-3 games by 1%.
Globalpassive 12.png
Pet Crypto Hodler Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from pet ability sets by 100%.
Globalpassive 13.png
Streamer Crypto Hodler Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from streamer ability sets by 100%.
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