Timed Rewards are badges of Gems that become available after a certain number of minutes, without any activation or response, making it a simple and steady supply of Gems. Every time players claim their timed rewards; it activates the next timer that counts down until the next batch is ready, and this continues. Most often, the time interval between the badges will increase along with the number of Gems in the batch, making the extended duration worthwhile. However, there are only 10 timed rewards available in total.

Rewards and Time Intervals

Reward Time Interval
Gems.png 10K Claim
Gems.png 20K 2 min
Gems.png 40K 5 min
Gems.png 60K 5 min
Gems.png 80K 5 min
Gems.png 100K 10 min
Gems.png 125K 10 min
Gems.png 150K 10 min
Gems.png 175K 15 min
Gems.png 200K 15 min
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