The Spellbook allows players to inspect and change the abilities of their streamers and pets. It contains an overview of the known and unknown abilities of the streamers and pets. When players build the Spellbook, they unlock streamers' auto-skill abilities, increasing their effectiveness in combat. 

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1


Gems.png 37K • Spellbook Lv. 15


Ability set.PNG

An ability-set is a specific sequence and combination of abilities. Even though all abilities appear available, players still need to unlock specific combinations of abilities to use them in the very same sequence. 

For example, a hunter might have chosen the multi arrow ability, an ultimate skill, and selected the stunning trap, an auto-skill. From this point on, not every ability will be available because they have not unlocked all ability-sets.  

Players unlock ability-sets by sacrificing streamers or pets in the Upgrade building. In fact, when players sacrifice a streamer or pet, their ability-set becomes available for use. 

Streamer Ability-Set

A streamer ability-set contains one ultimate ability, and three auto-skill abilities. The ultimate ability activates every 3 rounds in combat, and the auto-skills activate every round (depending on the ability). 

Streamer ability-set.png

Pet Ability-Set

A pet ability-set on the other hand, contains one auto-skill ability, and three passive abilities. The auto-skill activates various streamers in combat that have the pet guardian active (see the Loyalty Tree pet guardians), and the passive abilities provide buffs for various areas of the game when the pet is active in its respective hatchery (see Geopet GO for more).

Pet ability-set.png

Unlocking Abilities

Unlock swap.PNG

To change the abilities on a streamer or pet, players must first collect 1000 ability-sets to unlock the functionality. Every new streamer and pet the player obtains has an ability-set equipped, and the player collects these ability-sets as streamers and pets are destroyed during the upgrading process in the Upgrade building. This means players can only ever gain ability-sets, not lose any.

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