The Seasonal Challenge is a recurring month long event where players collect a variety of rewards for accumulating a certain number of Legendary Stars. After every 50 Legendary Stars the player collects, they reach a new milestone in the Seasonal Challenge and can claim additional rewards.

In order to complete the entire Seasonal Challenge, players must collect a total of 1250 Legendary Stars. When the next month starts, a new Seasonal Challenge begins and players can repeat the process.Seasonal challenge.png

Seasonal Challenge Rewards

As players reach different milestones in the Seasonal Challenge, they obtain a variety of rewards. Some of the rewards include:

  • Kappa Scrolls
  • Mega Chips
  • PogChamp Orbs
  • Heroes
  • Sale points

By default, for the full Seasonal Challenge completion, the player is rewarded with an 8-star level 8 hero. However, with the addition of a Seasonal Gold Pass, the player can also claim a 9-star level 9 hero, in addition to various other rewards.

Seasonal Gold Pass

Seasonal challenge gold pass.png

The Gold Pass is a $5 USD purchase that can be made each month to increase the loot gained from the Seasonal Challenge. In order for players to earn the loot displayed by the Seasonal Gold Pass, they must complete the Seasonal Challenge.

Essentially, the Seasonal Gold Pass gives players the ability to claim the top rewards at each Seasonal Challenge milestone. As players progress through the Seasonal Challenge with the Gold Pass purchased, they can freely claim the top loot in addition to the bottom loot.

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