The in-game Roulette is a simplified version of the regular roulette. The wheel contains 15 numbers: 7 black, 7 red and 1 green. And unlike the regular roulette, in Clash of Streamers you cannot bet on single numbers. In fact, you’re only given three bet options: black, red or green - and every time you bet, you don’t bet a certain number of chips, you instead risk one of your lives.

Before starting a game, you’re able to play at different stakes but in order to enter, you must pay a buy-in (with Casino Chips or Gems) that then gives you 3 lives and allows you to participate in spins until you either run out of lives or end up winning the entire game. Notably, depending on your stake, the rewards will either be better or worse.

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1


Gems.png 30K • Roulette Lv. 13


Stake Price
Rare stake • 10 Casino Chips or 13K Gems
Epic stake • 100 Casino Chips or 113K Gems
Legendary stake • 1K Casino Chips or 1300K Gems
Shiny legendary stake • 10K Casino Chips or 13M Gems (must be VIP 3)

Stars Rewards

1 star - bet correctly on black or red.

3 stars - bet correctly on green.

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