The Replay Book is the player’s catalog of saved replays. After memorable moments such as incredible spins, crazy multipliers or upgrades, players can choose to share those moments by tapping the button “Share” after the event. All those moments end up in the replay book.

In the community leader board, a player’s replay book is available for anyone to watch. The player’s top-listed replay will be shown when players press the replay button in the leader board. This is a great way for players to exhibit their best moments in Clash of Streamers. Moreover, extraordinary events like madness, insanity and ascendance spins, and events along those lines, are automatically added to the replay book and does not fill an allotted replay slot. Players have a limited number of replay slots but can always buy more spots to archive more moments.

Together To The Top

Players have the ability to add Crypton to their replays. When a replay has Crypton added, the replay can be found inside the 'TTTT' section, where other players can watch the clip and gain 1 Crypton from it. That is until the amount of Crypton the original player has added to the replay has been completely depleted.

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