Priests are masters of healing and preservation. They are devoted to the afterlife and spiritual workings of the world. To express their unwavering faith, they heal the wounded in combat and are a beacon of light in a world that would otherwise appear dim.

They have access to a wide range of abilities that focus on healing. Even though they have damaging abilities, their primary focus is to restore health to their wounded allies.

The various different priest character models in the game.

Ultimate Skills

Icons Name Effect
Holy Sign Ultimate: Strikes the enemy with the lowest health for (150% of attack) damage and heals the ally with the lowest health for 280% of your attack.
Holy Rage Ultimate: Hits all enemies with a beam of light, dealing (70% of attack) damage and increases the attack of all allies by 10% for 3 rounds.
Holy Breeze Ultimate: A breeze that heals all allies by (65% of attack) for 3 rounds and deals (110% of attack) damage against a random back-line enemy.
Holy Light Ultimate: Light shines on the battlefield, healing allies for 60% of your attack and damaging foes by (60% of your attack) damage.
Force of Nature Ultimate: Hits the enemy front-line dealing (140% of attack) damage and heals the ally with the lowest health for 140% of your attack.
Destiny Ultimate: Strike 3 random enemies to deal (130% of attack) damage.
Holy Blast Ultimate: Ruptures the ground, dealing (100% of attack) damage against back-line foes with a 25% chance to petrify them.
Light Implosion Ultimate: Causes an implosion that strikes all enemies dealing (110% of attack) damage.


Icon Name Effects
37 (1).png
Hymn of Might Auto-skill: You chant a mighty hymn that increases your attack by 40%.
Holy Fury Auto-skill: When you are near death (below 30% health) you enter a state of fury, granting 60% attack for 3 rounds.
88 (1).png
Holy Armor Auto-skill: Grants all allies holy armor when they fall below 50% health, increasing their armor by 25% for 2 rounds.
68 (1).png
Healing Spirit Auto-skill: Attacks heal front-line allies by 55% of your attack.
89 (1).png
Healing Cry Auto-skill: When you are near death (below 30% health) you heal all allies by 60% of your attack.
Holy Spirit Auto-skill: Blessed by a holy spirit your health is increased by 40%.
Holy Stance Auto-skill: When you are attacked, there is a 15% chance you are able to counterattack, dealing (160% of attack) damage.
Burning Light Auto-skill: Filled with burning light, your attacks have a 50% chance to burn the target and cause 30% damage for 2 rounds.
Weakening Armor Auto-skill: Attacks reduce the targets armor break by 15% for 3 rounds.
Last Hope Auto-skill: When you are below 50% health you increase all allies' attack by 15% for 3 rounds.
Hymn of Light Auto-skill: Increases attack by 30% and health by 10%.
69 (1).png
Guardian Angel Auto-skill: Attacks have a 50% chance to heal the ally with the lowest health by 90% of your attack.
Hymn of Kings Auto-skill: Increases attack and health by 20%.
Holy Death Auto-skill: Your death heals all allies by 80% of your attack.
Holy Arrows Auto-skill: Attacks now target 2 random enemies, dealing (70% of attack) damage.
Sacred Armor Auto-skill: When you get attacked, you have a 50% chance that your sacred armor heals you for 25% of your attack
Curse Auto-skill: Attacks curse the target, reducing their armor by 15% for 3 rounds.
67 (1).png
Healing Strike Auto-skill: Attacks heal yourself for 30% of your attack.
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