The in-game Poker is a simplified version of Texas hold’ em with its own rules. To get a seat at the table, you have to pay a buy-in upfront (with Casino Chips or Gems) on one of four stakes, which then gives you three lives. This is an alternative to the traditional small blind and big blind. The dealer will then dish out a number of hands until you lose those lives.

Unlike regular poker, in Clash of Streamers you’re only provided the option to go all-in or fold, and every time you go all-in one of your lives is at risk, but if you happen to win, you’re rewarded 1 to 2 stars which is then translated into a specific reward. You can accumulate up to 12 stars which yields the highest and most lucrative rewards. However, the rewards usually depend on whichever stake you’re playing at.

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1 (build) Gems.png 40K • Poker Lv. 16


Stake Price
Rare stake • 10 Casino Chips or 13K Gems
Epic stake • 100 Casino Chips or 113K Gems
Legendary stake • 1K Casino Chips or 1300K Gems
Shiny legendary stake • 10K Casino Chips or 13M Gems (must be VIP 3)

Results and Payouts

The only way to win stars is by going all-in and by being an action player. It is not possible to wait around for the best hands because you're only given a certain number of folds. In fact, every all-in rewards you 2 folds, or in other words, you’re only able fold 2 times in a row.

Stars Rewards

1 star - if you go all-in and everyone else folds, or if you tie.

2 stars - You go all-in while an opponent also goes all-in, and you come out ahead.

Hand Rankings

Poker Hand Rankings.jpg

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