PogChamp pets have several unique passive abilities which increase the odds of earning additional free loot, as well as reducing the cost of refreshes.

Pogchamp pet examples.png

Auto-Skill Abilities

Icon Name Description
Counterattack Auto-Skill: When you are attacked, you have a 30% chance to strike back immediately in a counterattack, dealing (70% of attack) damage.
Burning Light Auto-Skill: Filled with burning light, your attacks have a 50% chance to burn the target and cause (30% of attack) damage for 2 rounds.
Heroism Auto-Skill: Increases power by 5% for all your streamers.
65 (1).png
Aimless Strike Auto-Skill: Attacks become aimless, allowing you to attack a random enemy.
Holy Death Auto-Skill: Your death heals all allies by 80% of your attack.
101 (1).png
Loot Corpse Auto-Skill: When an enemy dies, you loot their corpse, increasing your attack by 15%.
Warrior Trap Auto-Skill: Increases your damage against warriors by 80%.

Passive Abilities




Return Home Passive: When you come back to the game for your daily login-bonus, your chance to receive an additional login-bonus is increased by 1%.
Tactical Gambling Passive: Reduces the cost of refreshing the Get Lucky wheel by 1% to put the odds in your favour.
Deal Hunter Passive: Always being on the lookout for the best deals makes refreshing the marketplace costs 1% less Gems.
Deal Specialist Passive: Trying to cut a two for one deal your chance to earn free rebuys in the Marketplace increases by 1%.
Treasure Hunter Passive: Being on the lookout for treasure chests increases your chance to receive an additional free chest from daily quests by 1%.
Uncanny Luck Passive: You become extremely lucky, increasing your chance to upgrade chests by 1%.
Easter Egg Specialist Passive: You become an easter egg specialist, increasing the reward you get for finding easter eggs by 1%.
Achievement Specialist Passive: You become an Achievement specialist, increasing your chance to receive free chests from achievements by 1%.
Trade Master Passive: Your tough bargaining tactics increases your chance to receive better deals from the merchant by 1%.
Lucky Break Passive: You've caught a lucky break that increases your overall luck by 1%.
Prince Charming Passive: Become more charming, reducing the gem cost to attract pets by 1%.
Luck Struck Passive: You struck it lucky, increasing your overall luck by 1%.
Booster Bargain Passive: Allows you to bargain for Boosts, lowering the cost of all boosts by 1%.
Egg Tracker Passive: You know where to find the most eggs, increasing the drop chance of eggs by 1%.
Head Start Passive: Grants a head start in Match-3 games by increasing the chance to start a Match-3 game with power-ups by 1%.
Hatching with Love Passive: Increases your chance to hatch pets of higher rarity by 1%.
Pet Trainer Passive: As a skilled pet trainer, the cost to buy & swap pet ability sets is reduced by 1%.
Egg Powerleveler Passive: Allows you to increase your overall chance to get higher level pets by 1%.
Egg Incubator Passive: Using an egg incubator your chance to collect pets instantly after hatching eggs is increased by 1%.
Match-3 Bargain Passive: Allows you to bargain for Match-3, reducing the cost of your moves in Match-3 games by 1%.
Globalpassive 12.png
Pet Crypto Hodler Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from pet ability sets by 100%.
Globalpassive 13.png
Streamer Crypto Hodler Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from streamer ability sets by 100%.
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