The Merchant offers exclusive item-for-item sales at a grossly underpriced rate. The Merchant contains two daily sales and one weekly sale that holds currencies such as Chips, Scrolls, VIP Tickets and so on. Depending on the sale, players can buy them with almost any currency in the game, except for Gems and Crypton. The Merchant’s sales are some of the best deals in the game. 

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1


Gems.png 35K • Merchant Lv. 15


Every day, during the daily reset, two deals in the Merchant are changed, while the last sale is changed once a week; but players can prevent a deal from being changed in the reset by locking it. Although, players cannot lock deals they have already traded. By default, players can lock 1 deal, but at VIP level 6, players can lock 2 deals.


Discount icon.png

Every deal you find in the Merchant will have a discount applied to it. The higher the discount, the more rare it is to find. You can check the odds of getting each discount inside of the Avatar.

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