The Marketplace is the village center of commerce where players can buy streamers and other resources in exchange for Gems. Players can buy items at different price points because most items are discounted and grossly underpriced. The sales come in different rarities and include rare, epic, and legendary. The rarity decides the amount of discount that is placed upon an item, as well as the quantity of the item being sold. The Marketplace offers the option to refresh sales which replaces the current sales with new ones. 

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1 (build) Gems.png 27K • Marketplace Lv. 11
Lv. 2 (max) Gems.png 40K • 8 Marketplace items

• Free refresh

• Lock item

• Upgraded rewards

Lv. 16

Resets, Refreshes and Locks

On the daily reset, the Marketplace's sales go to legendary. To change the sales players can refresh for 80K Gems, but every 8 hours players are given three free refreshes.

Players can lock purchases that have not been sold. Locking a deal in the Marketplace makes it immune to any refresh. Once a deal is purchased, it cannot be locked. By default, players can lock 1 item in the Marketplace, but players can lock more items with various VIP levels:

  • VIP level 5 - 2 Marketplace locks
  • VIP level 10 - 3 Marketplace locks


Discount icon.png

With every deal found in the Marketplace, there is a possibility of it being placed on a discount. The higher the discount, the lower the chance of it appearing. Exact odds for each discount available can be found inside of the Avatar.

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