Mages are cunning spellcasters with great discipline and devotion to the dangerous art of magic. They have access to a wide range of abilities that focus on crowd control and area effect damage. While simultaneously dealing damage, they also stun and silence enemies, rendering them unable to act.

The various different mage character models in the game.

Ultimate Skills

Icon Name Effects
Magic Explosion Ultimate: Cast a magic explosion that causes (70% of attack) damage against all enemies with a 75% chance to silence Warriors for 2 rounds.
Magic Nova Ultimate: Cast a magic nova that deals (50% of attack) damage against all enemies, the aftereffect of the nova lasts for 3 rounds causing (35% of attack) damage each round.
Dark Vortex Ultimate: All enemies get pulled into a dark vortex, that causes (100% of attack) damage and has a 75% chance to silence Priests for 1 round.
Asteroid Rain Ultimate: Make asteroids rain down on your enemies, hitting 3 random foes dealing (120% of attack) damage with a 20% chance to stun them.
Fireball Ultimate: Deals (50% of attack) damage against 4 random enemies, burning them and dealing extra (40% of attack) damage each round for 3 rounds.
Lava Blast Ultimate: Cast a blast of lava towards 3 random enemies dealing (160% of attack) damage. Rogues receive 60% extra damage.
Mind Blast Ultimate: Corrupts the mind of 3 random enemies, causing (120% of attack) damage immediately and (20% of attack) damage for each round until their death.
Energy Bolts Ultimate: Cast a barrage of energy bolts on the enemy back-line, causing (125% of attack) damage with a 40% chance to stun Warriors.


Icon Name Effects
Mystic Presence Auto-skill: Deal 80% more damage against Rogues.
Inferno Auto-skill: Your death causes an inferno that burns all enemies for (25% of attack) damage each round until their death.
Focus Auto-skill: Your focus strengthens your attack by 10% with each attack.
37 (1).png
Magic Weapon Auto-skill: Enchant your weapon, increasing your attack by 40%.
75 (1).png
Burning Strike Auto-skill: You deal 60% extra damage to burning enemies.
Inner Strength Auto-skill: Releasing your inner strength grants you 10% health, 10% armor and 30% armor break.
Freezing Death Auto-skill: Your death leads to a sudden drop in temperature that has a 10% chance to freeze all enemies for 2 rounds.
Fire Armor Auto-skill: You are surrounded by fire armor that burns your attackers, dealing (10% of attack) damage each round until their death.
55 (1).png
Frost Strike Auto-skill: Attacks have a 15% chance to freeze the enemy for 1 round.
Burn Auto-skill: Attacks burn enemies, dealing (10% of attack) damage until their death.
101 (1).png
Consume Soul Auto-skill: Every time an ally dies, you consume their soul, granting you with 15% attack for each soul you consume.
Kamikaze Auto-skill: Your death deals 45% damage against all enemies.
Death Poison Auto-skill: Your death releases poison that infects all enemies and deals (35% of attack) damage for 3 rounds.
Paralyze Auto-skill: Attacks have a 20% chance to petrify the target for 1 round.
Reckless Auto-skill: When you are near death (below 30% health), you become reckless and drop your guard, decreasing your armor by 50% but gaining 100% attack.
Sacrifice Auto-skill: Your death is a sacrifice for all your allies, granting them with 30% attack for 3 rounds.
Inner Balance Auto-skill: You find inner balance which increases your attack and health by 20%.
Devotion Auto-skill: Increases your attack by 10% and your health by 30%.
60 (1).png
Poison Strike Auto-skill: Attacks become poisonous and have a 70% chance to infect your target, dealing (45% of attack) damage for 2 rounds.
Poison Armor Auto-skill: You are surrounded by poison armor that has a 60% chance to infect attackers and deal (30% of attack) damage for 3 rounds.
Revenge Auto-skill: Whenever an ally dies, your will for revenge strengthens, granting 10% armor break and 5% attack for each death.

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