Loot Cards are in-game collectibles that usually represent in-game loot or discount codes which can be claimed for real world goods. Loot Cards can be obtained from various areas of the game in the form of loot drops. Inside of the My Collection building, players can view, inspect, and claim their Loot Cards. Players also have the option to sell claimed, and unclaimed Loot Cards in the Auction House for Crypton.

Common Loot Cards

Loot Card Description Instructions
Death train loot card.png Contains a Steam key for the video game Death Train Obtained after your first battle in the Campaign Tower
Stc loot card.png Contains Gems.png1M Obtained from tier 1 subscription to AtheneLive on Twitch
Stc lootcard 2.png Contains Gems.png2M and Crypton-0.png1000 Obtained from tier 3 subscription to AtheneLive on Twitch


Loot Cards can come in one of four different rarities, where the higher the rarity, the more valuable the item in question will be.

Rare stone.png Epic sto.png
Legendary stone.png
Shiny legendary stone.png
Rare Epic Legendary Shiny Legendary


Companies that are partnered with Clash of Streamers can provide free or discounted products as Loot Cards. Players who are lucky enough to acquire these Loot Cards can claim them for various real world goods.

The companies and products that are currently known to be parterned with Clash of Streamers are:

  • Save The Children


In the Achievements building, players will also find several different achievements which can be collected by owning claimed Loot Cards.

Loot card achievements.png

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