The Level Up building is an important building in the player's arsenal as players can level up their streamers and pets. Leveling streamers upgrades their overall power, while leveling pets unlocks different passive abilities on a pet. The building holds an overview of collected pets and streamers and a leveling platform in which players can upgrade them. It costs streamer dust to level up streamers and pet dust to level up pets, and the cost varies according to their current level. 

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1 (build) Gems 32K • Level Up Lv. 13

Leveling Streamers

Streamers have a maximum of 12 levels. To upgrade a streamer, players must use streamer dust. Players obtain streamer dust when they upgrade streamers in the Upgrade building. With every level, the required streamer dust to upgrade a streamer increases exponentially.

When a streamer is leveled up, they gain a flat percentage increase in power which improves their overall combat ability. Power is the most important stat-attribute because it is the joint measurements of health, attack, and armor. Additionally, at certain levels, passive abilities are unlocked and become active on the streamer. At level 7, the second ability is unlocked, at level 9 the third ability is unlocked, and finally at level 11, the last ability is unlocked.

Level Upgrade Streamer dust cost Power increase
Lv. 2 Star dust4 Filter Power 150%
Lv. 3 Star dust20 Filter Power 210%
Lv. 4 Star dust100 Filter Power 280%
Lv. 5 Star dust500 Filter Power 360%
Lv. 6 Star dust2500 Filter Power 450%
Lv. 7 Star dust12,500 Filter Power 550%
Lv. 8 Star dust62,500 Filter Power 660%
Lv. 9 Star dust312,500 Filter Power 780%
Lv. 10 Star dust1,562,500 Filter Power 910%
Lv. 11 Star dust7,812,500 Filter Power 1050%
Lv. 12 Star dust39,062,500 Filter Power 1200%

Leveling Pets

Unlike streamers, pets only have a maximum of 4 levels. To upgrade a pet, players must use pet dust, which can be obtained through upgrading pets in the Upgrade building. With each pet level, the required pet dust increases exponentially.

When a pet is leveled up, another one of its abilities is unlocked, in turn, improving the effectiveness of the pet by giving another passive buff to the player. So, by default, level 1 pets have their first ability - their auto-skill ability, unlocked, and 3 other passive abilities locked. Then, with each level upgrade, another ability is unlocked. When the pet reaches level 4, all of their abilities are unlocked.

Level upgrade Pet dust cost Unlocks
Lv. 2 Pet dust 24 • 2nd ability unlock
Lv. 3 Pet dust 600 • 3rd ability unlock
Lv. 4 Pet dust 15K • 4th ability unlock
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