KappaPride pets have a variety of unique passive abilities that increase free spin chances in different slot machines and life-immunity chances in minigames.

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Auto-Skill Abilities




Sacred Armor Auto-Skill: When you get attacked, you have 50% chance that your sacred armor heals you for 25% of your attack.
Rebirth Auto-Skill: After you die, you are reborn with 60% of your health.
Shadow Sprint Auto-Skill: You step through shadows granting you 50% control immunity.
Hot Headed Auto-Skill: You are hot headed and can take some heat, reducing the damage you take from burns by 60%.
Fire Armor Auto-Skill: You are surrounded by fire armor, when you are attacked, the attacker gets burned, dealing (10% of attack) damage each round until death.
Mystic Presence Auto-Skill: Deal 80% more damage against Rogues.
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Holy Blessing Auto-Skill: At the end of your turn you give a holy blessing to the ally with the lowest health, healing them by 90% of your attack.

Passive Abilities

Icon Name Description
The House Never Wins Passive: When you the spin the community slot machine, you rig the machine, increasing your chance by 1% to receive free community spins.
Mark of Faith Passive: Your faith is strong and increases your chance to receive free church spins by 1%.
Luck of the Draw Passive: When you spin the Get Lucky wheel, you draw a lucky straw, increasing your chance to receive free spins by 1%.
Golden Ticket Passive: When you spin the Bad Luck Jackpot, you have a 1% chance to receive a golden ticket that grants you an additional free spin.
Gem Mine Overload Passive: Causes your Gem Mine to run at highest capacity, increasing its output by 1%.
Fools Fortune Passive: Fortune is on your side. You have a 1% chance to gain life-immunity in Blackjack.
Shady Spectacles Passive: You wear a pair of sunglasses at the tables, obscuring your face and giving you a 1% chance to gain life-immunity in Poker.
High Roller Passive: As a high roller you have a 1% chance to gain life-immunity in Roulette.
Jackpot Buster Passive: You're a jackpot buster, when you win the Bad Luck Jackpot you receive 1% more gems.
Lucky Break Passive: You've caught a lucky break that increases your overall luck by 1%.
Prince Charming Passive: Become more charming, reducing the gem cost to attract pets by 1%.
Luck Struck Passive: You struck it lucky, increasing your overall luck by 1%.
Booster Bargain Passive: Allows you to bargain for Boosts, lowering the cost of all boosts by 1%.
Egg Tracker Passive: You know where to find the most eggs, increasing the drop chance of eggs by 1%.
Head Start Passive: Grants a head start in Match-3 games by increasing the chance to start a Match-3 game with power-ups by 1%.
Hatching with Love Passive: Increases your chance to hatch pets of higher rarity by 1%.
Pet Trainer Passive: As a skilled pet trainer, the cost to buy & swap pet ability sets is reduced by 1%.
Egg Powerleveler Passive: Allows you to increase your overall chance to get higher level pets by 1%.
Egg Incubator Passive: Using an egg incubator your chance to collect pets instantly after hatching eggs is increased by 1%.
Match-3 Bargain Passive: Allows you to bargain for Match-3, reducing the cost of your moves in Match-3 games by 1%.
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Pet Crypto Hodler Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from pet ability sets by 100%.
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Streamer Crypto Hodler Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from streamer ability sets by 100%.
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