Hot Stories contains a community board where you can post clips, create threads and discuss topics with your in-game community. The building also contains a social search feature where community members can swipe left or right on streamers in order to bring streamers in contact with one another.

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1


Gems.png 40K • Hot Stories Lv. 17

Community Board

The community board works in a similar fashion to Reddit. However, it is by no means connected to it. It does although share a lot of the same features:

  • Users can post replays and make threads to discuss random topics or share various collectibles from the game
  • Users can comment
  • Users can upvote and downvote threads
  • Streamers can select moderators who can delete threads and ban users

Every streamer will have their community board, but there’s also a global community board where anybody can post. Notably, you'll also be able find hidden and secret chests, which contains rewards, in the comment section of certain threads.

Match a Streamer

In Hot Stories, you can also match your community’s streamer with another streamer. This is done in a collective effort where community members can swipe left or right on different streamers. Over the span of one week, the streamer who receives the most points, or right swipes, will be chosen as this “week's match”. You will also be able to see the current top-3 candidates for the next week.

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