Event artifacts are equippable items that are attached to the player's most powerful streamers. Event artifacts can only be obtained by completing Weekly Events and legendary events. Every event artifact contains 4 primary attributes:

  • Color
  • Class
  • Faction
  • Ability

Event artifacts can only be equipped on streamers from the selected artifact's class, and faction. When an event artifact is equipped on a streamer, the streamer's color changes, and the event artifact gives the streamer a chance to activate the artifact's ability each round in battle.

Artifact Rarities

Event artifacts can be one of four rarities. The higher the rarity, the higher the chance of the ability activating each round.

  • Rare: 10% chance the ability activates each round
  • Epic: 20% chance the ability activates each round
  • Legendary: 35% chance the ability activates each round
  • Shiny legendary: 50% chance the ability activates each round
Rare event artifact.png Epic event artifact.png Legendary event artifact.png Shiny legendary event artifact.png
Rare Epic Legendary Shiny legendary

Forging Event Artifacts

Forging event artifact.jpg

After completing a weekly event, depending on the rarity of the event, the event artifact will also be the same rarity. The rarity determines how many of the 4 attributes the player can customize when forging the event artifact. The customization is as follows:

  • Rare: customize color
  • Epic: customize color and class
  • Legendary: customize color, class and faction
  • Shiny legendary: customize color, class, faction and ability

This does not mean, for example, a rare event artifact will only have the color attribute, only that the rare event artifact's other attributes (faction, class, and ability) will be randomized when being forged.

When forging the event artifact, there is a chance for the rarity to be upgraded. If an event artifact is upgraded, this does not allow the player to customize more attributes, but it does increase the percent chance that the ability will be activated in combat. Players can find the odds of event artifacts being upgraded when forged in the Avatar.

Upgrading Event Artifacts

Upgrade event artifact.jpg

Players can change an event artifact's rarity after it is forged, but only through the process of upgrading. Similarly to upgrading streamers and pets in the Upgrade building, four event artifacts will be sacrificed to upgrade one event artifact to a higher rarity. When an event artifact is upgraded, the only thing that changes is the rarity, and therefore, the percent chance that the ability will be activated each round in combat. The option to upgrade event artifacts does not become available until players have at least 5 event artifacts that share the same faction and rarity.

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