Daily Quests, also known as dailies, are repeatable quests that can be completed once a day. There are 10 available daily quests, and they come in different options; anything from performing a prayer in Athene's Church to spinning the fortune wheel. Completing daily quests rewards the player with chests that contain valuable items. 

Moreover, daily quests can be upgraded four times, from within the garrison. This unlocks additional dailies and loot multipliers which amplifies the loot earned from the chests. 

Daily Quests

Every day, you will be given 10 random daily quests:

Daily quest
Battle in the Arena
Upgrade a streamer
Level up a streamer
Pray in Athene's Church
Claim a streamer in the Community
Trade an item with the Merchant
Collect gems from the Gem Mine
Watch a boss fight in the Boss Tower
Do a Kappa summon
Battle in the Campaign Tower
Spin in Athene's Church
Spin in the Community
Spin the Get Lucky wheel
Claim a face in the Loyalty Tree
Check your Mailbox
Refresh the Marketplace
Do a TriHard summon
Visit one Community
Swap the face or skin of a streamer
Check out the Blockchain building
Refresh the Get Lucky wheel
Purchase an item in the Marketplace
Battle with a full SMOrc team
Swap the ability-set of a streamer
Up-downvote, comment or create a post
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