The Auction House is a public marketplace used to trade items and skins. Players can trade their streamer skins, pet skins, and loot cards in exchange for Crypton, which is the primary payment method in the Auction House. Every auction lasts for 48 hours and includes a 5% fee for the Auction House’s services. When players purchase items, the Auction House delivers the skins directly to the player’s Mailbox. The Auction House becomes available when the garrison reaches level 14, but players can obtain skins before then by following, subscribing or donating to Twitch streamers.

Unlocking and Upgrading

Level Cost Unlocks Available at

garrison level

Lv. 1


Gems.png 40K • Auction House Lv. 16

Cheapest Skin

As a default, the main page of the Auction House highlights the cheapest skin for either pets or streamers, depending on the activated collectible. The cheapest skins cost between 2 and 25 Crypton regardless of rarity. This is a great way to obtain duplicate skins and get benefits from the Loyalty Tree.

Create Auction

Auction house create auction.jpg

Players can list their skins in the Auction House. To appraise the value, players can either establish a buyout price or tap the "smart" button which calculates the average of the past ten sales. Every auction exists up to 48 hours before expiring. There is also a small deposit fee in Gems, and the minimum buyout price is 2 Crypton while the maximum price is 2 billion.


During exchanges, the Auction House takes a small cut for providing the service. The fee depends on specific price points; players must pay 1 Crypton on skins below 20 Crypton; meanwhile, everything above has a fee of 5%. Fees are only placed upon purchased items and not deposits.

Auction History

The Auction History shows the player’s transaction history, and includes a transcript of sold, bought or expired skins. The history provides the price, time and date of each event.



The Auction House features a graph that tracks the value of skins over time. Players can select a skin of their choice, and see its price development from the time of its conception, or break it down in intervals: months, weeks or days. It can be a useful tool to determine when to buy or sell skins.

Custom Search: Search & Sort Functionality

As there is a multitude of skins for both pets and streamers of varying color and attributes, Players can search and filter through the skins as they like by setting different criteria.

Skins are not just cosmetic appearances, exclusively for display and exhibition. Most of them have attributes that empower heroes and pets. Players can filter through these attributes to find skins suitable to their liking.

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