Attributes are often referred to as stats, and they are considered the basic building blocks of a streamer’s combat ability. There are four primary attributes: 

  • Power 
  • Health 
  • Armor 
  • Attack 

Players can augment these stats in various ways, primary ways include leveling, upgrading, abilities and auras. Players can see the stats of their streamers.


Power is the primary attributes for streamers, generally shown with a silver fist. It is the combined measurements of health, armor, and attack. It shows comparably how good a streamer is to another, and is a general indication of strength or combat ability. Players can augment a streamer's power directly by upgrading them in various ways: stars, levels, DUBI empowerments, auras and many more.


Health increases the streamer’s health pool. It appears above the streamer's head in combat and makes them sustain a greater deal of damage before dying. Players can increase their health in various ways: through auras, abilities and many more. However, the most obvious way to increase health is through the overarching stat-attribute, power.


Armor increases the streamer’s ability to sustain damage. In fact, it diminishes the impact of all harmful effects including magical abilities. Players can increase their armor in various ways: through auras, abilities and many more.


Attack increases the streamer’s damage output, rendering them capable of dealing damage. Players can increase their attack in various ways: through auras, abilities and many more.

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